el paso saddleblanket-mardi gras blanket

release time:2024-06-06 13:05:12
Taiyuan, December 28th: ​​"During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, we will achieve an average annual growth of 0.5 percentage points and strive to reach an average annual growth of 0.6 percentage points. By 2025, the forest coverage rate will reach 22.60%, and we will strive to achieve a forest coverage rate of 24.90% by 2030." %." On the 28th, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, Yuan Tongsuo, director of the province's Forestry and Grassland Bureau, introduced. Historically, Shanxi was once home to dense forests and widespread lakes. Due to natural causes and man-made destruction, by 1949, only 5.51 million acres of forest remained in the province, with a forest coverage rate of 2.4%. For decades, Shanxi has planted trees and grass and restored the ecology. According to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration's "20.

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