Pr. Karine Bennis Zeitouni

Current projects

  • POLLUSCOPE – Participative observatory for the surveillance of individual exposure to air pollution relating to health, Sept 2016-Aout 2020. Funded by the National Research Agency (ANR) under grant ANR-15-CE22-0018
  • MASTER Multiple ASpects TrajEctoRy management and analysis, Mar. 2018-Feb. 2022  funded under the call H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017
  • StreamOps Open Source Platform for Research and Integration of Algorithms for Massive Time Series Flow Analysis, Sep. 2018 – Aug. 2021. Funded by the DATAIA Convergence Institute.
  • ACE-ICSEN Adaptation to Environmental Changes: a multisclae and transdisciplinary approach, Mar. 2017-Jun. 2020. Funded by Université Paris-Saclay
  • TEMPOGRAPHS Analyzing big data with Temporal Graphs and machine learning: application to urban traffic analysis and protein function annotation, Mar. 2018-Feb. 2021, France-Brazil Cooperation Project, CNRS/INRIA – FAPs

Access to the main prototypes (open code):

  • ASTROIDE  A Unified Astronomical Big Data Processing Engine over Spark. Co-funded by the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin (UVSQ) and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES). 
  • autoCEPAutomatic Learning of Predictive CEP Rules. Funded by the LABEX PATRIMA, Fondation des Sciences du Patrimoine, under the project PAC-ART.


Recent projects:

  • BigSkyEarth A Big Data Era in Earth and Sky Observation, European Cooperation in Science and Technology, COST Action TD1403
  • MASTODONS GAIA The origin and the evolution of our Galaxy: data validation, 2012-2015, CNRS
  • KISS – Keep your Information Safe and Secure, Déc. 2011-Nov. 2015. Funded by ANR